At Socially Inspired, we are certified social media strategists (SMS) accredited through the National Institute for Social Media (NISM).  By maintaining this certification, we remain at the lead of the most innovative best practices for social media at an industry standard.  Whether you are business professional seeking to enhance your company’s social media strategy, a small business owner looking to create a brand presence online, or a team leader wanting to inspire new ideas for creative social media campaigns among your social media staff, we respond to your needs by developing a customizable training solution specifically for you and your audience(s).  We specialize in the areas of campaign design and development, audience engagement, social listening, crisis communication and response, customer relationship management, and policy and procedure.   Our training consists of interactive presentations, workshops, and coaching to prepare you and your team for inspired social media success.


People have different feelings about public speaking; some are highly confident, while others are indifferent or even fearful of the experience.  Our philosophy at Socially Inspired is that every presenter is unique and each individual person has to develop their own repertoire of speech and presentation skills.  Focusing on the elements of effective organization of content and message design, coupled with the development of a natural and impressive delivery style, our public speaking coaching allows you and/or your team to feel empowered, prepared, and confident when presenting messages to audiences of all sizes.  The same communication skills that apply to effective public speaking also apply across other forms of professional communication such as meetings, job interviews, appraisals.  The use of communication technologies for presentations, webinars, and professional interviews is rapidly increasing.  Socially Inspired offers coaching and training services to inspire best practices for mediated and professional communication solutions.


Inspiring learning requires creating an environment that is inclusive and engaged. Unlocking the key to effective student engagement and motivation, this seminar for classroom educators (K-12) provides a pro-active, research-supported, and practical solution toward improving student engagement and motivation. Facing the challenges presented by diversity of learning styles head on, this professional development seminar inspires teachers to promote positive feelings among students, build confidence in learning, capture attention and promote interest, establish relevancy and connectedness, and achieve self-efficacy and best practices for learning and teaching. By learning to better understanding students through effective communication and response, educators can better address the individual needs of each student in a collective learning environment. Through this training, teachers will collaborate with the peers and administrators in an interactive way to inspire improved learning and teaching practices.